flinch, then blink twice. (januaryxplacebo) wrote,
flinch, then blink twice.

new songgggggggggggggg

This land is teach yourself how to live land
Where they write down in notebooks everything you say.
But what you do down by the river stays by the water, man
We’re all trying to live on, in our own way.
We got books and cassettes
Got hymns with style
Got masterwork classics
Got blues and jazz,
So play on play on, play a different song
Now we know how to live with style,
Got floral couches and well-bred cats
Got $29 bottles of wine.
We play recitals now
In an auditorium
We change our strings once a month.
So when will it be enough?
I mean when will we draw the line?
$200 pairs of jeans
And we still don’t know a damn thing,
About living and loving and making it up as we go along.
We just write song after song hoping it will solve enough, help enough, be enough,
pass another problem along, into some heads trying to let the time go by.
But you know how you wanna be, all big city, sayin what you want to say.
But we know how to live with style,
oh, we know.
so i'm all full of burritos and my eye is all swollen up and i found my straightener so that's neat and i'm thinking about asking someone to come visit and i'm thinking about visiting some people and i leave for edisto island on tuesday and i'ma be gone for six days and DEEP BREATH living life is exhausting sometimes, i mean: damn.
why can't someone write on my facebook wall every other second? is that so much to ask for?
i can't wait to get back to normal life, as in school, as in wilmington, as in music. because living at my parents house is B-O-R-I-N-G. plus i'm allergic to the 10,000 animals they have and by 10,000 i mean 3 and by 3 i mean i am in love with my cat, o'hara, but really summertime shedding? thanks.
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