flinch, then blink twice. (januaryxplacebo) wrote,
flinch, then blink twice.

i think i want to go to bonnaroo???? i don't know exactly why this idea has taken over me...but i think it is something i would like to experience. i generally enjoy sleeping in tents...and i love music. so. of course, i may be paying $234 for severe sunburn and dehydration, but if i'm smart enough maybe it will be okay.

now i just need to convince a friend or friends to go with me. dammit.
i think anyone who might be adventurous enough to do this has already moved out of north carolina...BOO. boo. boooooo. i should really get on following them.

school has started.
here is what i have to say about that: MER.

reading some good books. here is what they are.
"tinkers" paul harding (super imagery, tiny plot)
"this is where i leave you" jonathan tropper (still making my mind up about this one, but there are lots of lolz in it)
two very different books. both published in 2009, i believe. good times.

listening to some good music.
watching some good movies.
getting some decent heartbreaks in, but barely feeling it anymore.
oh yeah and playing a lot of wii.
i miss a lot of people. the end.
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