flinch, then blink twice. (januaryxplacebo) wrote,
flinch, then blink twice.

dear diary.

i'm sorry but tumblr, tweets, and fb statuses are killing me.

i cannot follow people in blurbs! c'mon.

but i guess pointless me-me-me blogs aren't so fun, either.

gc is recording on mother's day. (i'm a terrible daughter) i'm seriously so very incredibly excited.
2 shows this month @ the pinhook & in wilmington. we haven't played since troika. uhoh,herewego.
i'm really excited about visiting my good ole college town again.
grad school is WAY less fun than college. in fact, grad school isn't fun at all.

i still don't have a total plan for WE fest. there are various persons&places to see&crash, but no solid plans and only a handful of acquaintances. there are various people i'm nervous/thrilled about seeing again and various places i want to visit, but do what there? just go and sit and breathe and think about old times? hm.

i guess i am thinking of maybe moving back to carrboro. like that was even so great the first time around. pff. it was mostly just great hanging out/living with one of my bffs, but i think that might've been fun anywhere, right?
plus, moving now to carrboro might blow my bigger plans to move to bigger cities later. but is that even what i want?
wtfdoiwant. oh the big questions of 20somethings. where am i going? that's another fun one.
i will be 24 in not too long here. a week and some days, actually. lordy.

despite this sounding like a downer entry, i'm pretty happy with life right now. confused, yes. but happy.

remember when everything was poetic?
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