flinch, then blink twice. (januaryxplacebo) wrote,
flinch, then blink twice.

wrote that song in 10 minutes. that's probably why it is less than 2 minutes long. performed it in gym clothes, sorry that's not a very rock star appearance, oh well.

so i turned into a vegan for a few days. don't know if it will last, as i usually break down, but i'm not starving like i was last time... once you actually read all the things you can eat (like i can have more than celery and apples, duh, which is what i was living on last time).

got a plane ticket for brooklyn. yayyayyayyayyay.
got tickets to the national. yay yay yay.
got my first offer for a solo show in september. yay yay. etc. the end.
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