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bummer summer?

waltz #3.
We ate lime sorbet in your step mom’s living room/and I learned you never kept secrets. Well who does?/
So I squealed the f-word and she chased us outside with her broom./Your pa was there on the back porch playing solitaire./I mean, he was pretty good for having bent up fingers./We watched his patterns of picking cards./We watched the moon rise above the pine trees,/And I felt my stomach stir/As your pa gazed out with empty eyes./Your step mom said he had a slow mind./But at least she came out and apologized/Then said it was time for me to go on home./So we rode our bikes in the dark/And you told me you thought I was smart,/And I told you quit lying, quit following me./So you stopped./You had a baseball card in your spokes./It whirred you away into the night./And that was the last time we spoke.
soooo my 14-year-old cat had to be put to sleep because she had tumors in her stomach. i haven't lost an animal since i was 2 and it's really weird to think that she won't be around anymore.
i miss elida deklein. just throwin' that out there. why is brooklyn so far? i don't get it.
don't you hate it when you are trying to make a playlist and then you totally get stuck listening to some awesome song on itunes and THEN you can't put it on your playlist because you just listened to it and that makes you sick of it for about another two weeks? i hate when that happens.
yesterday i watched spirited away. today i saw hellboy. nerdy much?
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