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4 ghost cats of the south

cringe into the shutter lens/humidity at elbow bends/snap the picture by the lake/where all the kids skinny dip/swim through moments, you and me/shuffle days like words in a magnetic dictionary/and promise you know how to rewind film/we solve for x on the weekends/and y mostly on wednesdays/if you can get more friends, well get them/lord knows you could use some/we stack the months like alphabet blocks/and time spells out "believe" and we believe for just a second, or two, or three/we forget to wear sunblock/and we forget how to pray/but in the dark, i still know your face/you take up laughter as a hobby/no one remembers how to take us seriously/we have 27 exposures to prove the equation/we have 24 hours now to fit one more day in.
if nothing else comes to me/will the wind still be wild?/if nothing else comes to me/will the flashlight still light up the hall?/i've lost pocket change quietly/i've changed and pocketed fond memories/they blanket these present days/thick wool in this heat/if sleep never comes to me/will the neighbors still throw bottles into the street?/if sleep never comes to me/will the glass sing at my feet?/because i've taken to calling up old friends again/ask what's become of them, at 2 a.m./birds slice up the inky sky like commas/silence on the phone like a promise/if love never comes to me/will my books be enough company?/if love never comes to me/will vanilla cigarettes still be a bad habit?/i don't know/i. don't. know.
oh yeah, i guess life is okay. i play a lot of music, work a shit job, apply to grad schools that will probably just laugh in my face, and have a hard time meeting people. sweet
if anybody lives in greensboro, my band (www.myspace.com/ghostcatsofthesouth) is playing a show april 24 at 7:00 at the maya art gallery for a book release. it is our first show! and it is free!
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