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whiskey for dessert

"whiskey, huh? i respect that."
i am going to nc central in the fall for library science. i am very excited. now i need to find a good house to move to in durham. i would like a yard. i would like to garden. i have never really tried to garden, not since i was 9. i would like a front porch, so that i may play my guitar poorly and poorly sing and all my neighbors may hear. i would like room to have a cat. so that i may bring o'hara to my house. i would like for it all to be magically paid for. i really want and want and want, don't i?
durham could be neat. should be neat. will be neat.
i need to make new friends. all of mine are crazy or moving or are already not here anymore.
if i were really brave i would move to new york city. but i don't think i am that brave. the end.
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