tilt the tiny screen to see what's on it.

invasion of the polaroid people!

flinch, then blink twice.
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25 cent machines, alliteration, analyzing everything, backyards, bangs bangs bangs, bobby pins, bret easton ellis, cardigans, changing dance steps, chaotic bedroom pop, completing crosswords, crashing my bike, cress delahanty, damaged hardwood floors, dim lights, dressing up, elevator tag!, emus and owls, ending credits, ending up accidentally naked, feathers, feeling the seasons change, films&whatnot, fortune cookies, frank o'hara, freckle constellations, gingham knickers, gritty guitar, haunted houses, holden caulfield, hungry hungry hippos, hunting for cheap violins, indecision!, infomercials, j.d. salinger, jeffrey mcdaniel, katamari damacy, keyboards, kissing clock faces, knife and folk, knock knock jokes, kool aid stains, kurt vonnegut, legos, list making, lockets and lace, lucky bottles, making monster faces, making out in darkrooms, making people mixtapes, michael ian black onallthosevh1shows, motion and noise, moviedates&rollerskates, multiple exposures, my camper boots, napsss, not settling down, okonomi yaki, park swings, photobooths, pocky, poking ribs, publishing processes, pushing buttons on synths, rawwwwwr, reading old horoscopes, reckless driving, record bins, rock and roll, roller skating, sarcasm, scraped knuckles, shower curtains, skinny wrists, sleeping ducks, sneaking out, soda fountains, square dancing, stab!, standing in corners, subtitles, teaching myself french, the glass family, the way airports smell, thumb wars!, totoro, touching knees under tables, toy pianos, train wrecks, tremolo organ, unanswered phones, unnecessary adjectives, velociraptor, viewfinders, vinyl, we're crackle pop, winding film, wreaking havoc, yoga